Grassroots America

Grassroots. It implies the power of the individual. It brings pride to the collective. Grassroots is self-made and self-driven. It’s acting locally, and expanding globally. Grassroots is starting from the ground up.

I am on week one of a fourteen week cross-country roadtrip, looking to experience America at the grassroots level.


I begin my journey with this query: what roots do we share as Americans?

When compared with other developed countries, we did not rate very high in employment or math skills. Certainly not all of us are living the American dream; in fact, we rank quite low when it comes to income equality. But, curiously, we rank amongst the highest in confidence.

Perhaps it is the belief that we can be the best, the belief that we are capable of achieving, the belief that persistence yields results, that unites us as Americans.

Americans seek travel and adventure; we want to be moved by something, be it religion, or politics, or art. But we are rooted in our belief that we are the masters of our own universe, capable of carving out for ourselves, the lives that we imagined…


So is this the life I imagined? Living in a trailer, following the Pro Motocross series? Not exactly. But I did imagine that my life would be filled with adventure. That I would travel and write. Above all, I imagined a life where I was free. Free from the confines of four walls and the accumulation of stuff. Free to look up to a cloudless night sky and see myriad stars.


4 thoughts on “Grassroots America

  1. So well said. The power of the individual adds greatness to the collective. Its about hard work and personal responsibility. I look forward to more.

  2. Can’t wait to read page 2, you write with inspiration and tons of heart. Enjoy the roads, the people and all the experiences.
    I’ll be back soon 😉

  3. Excellent read. You have a great skill with language and the ability to set forth on paper what your eyes see. I believe you have an opportunity with your writing that many chase and few achieve.

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